November 25, 2015

Giving Thanks

I wish to thank my children for having chosen me as a mother, knowing full well that I was going to practice on them. I thank my neighbor who did not shoot back when we accidently shot a hole in his farm wagon. I thank all those who have maintained a sense of humor in everyday life, even in the face of women with PMS, paternalistic men, and teens who still think they know everything AND own the roads. I am thankful for my cows, who are always glad to see me, and who force me to maintain the discipline of getting up every morning and asking myself before I do anything else, “What do the living things need today?” I am thankful for my friend, the sun, for every moment of light that shines in my world; for every tree that grows along the expressway in spite of massive doses of salt and poisonous sprays; and for every milkweed seed that germinated in an attempt to save the Monarchs. I am deeply grateful to President Putin for the clarity with which he operates and his intuitive ability to read NATO like an open book. Truly, Edgar Cayce was right when he said, “Out of Russia will come the hope of the world.” I wish to thank Judge Franklin Valderrama for his courage in ordering the release of the video of police shooting Laquan McDonald. He probably knew it would spark protests, yet such truth is necessary for reconciliation to begin. I wish to give thanks to Dr. Wm. Levengood for the gift of science he gave to me, for his dogged pursuit of the workings of reality, and for his towering strength in the face of humiliation and misunderstanding. I have learned much. I send thanks to 87-yr-old historian Ursula Haverbeck. Right, wrong, or misguided, the woman has amazing courage to tell her truth and fly in the face of the whole Jewish world...make that the whole world. I wish to thank my beloved sister, Pam, who left this world two years ago today, for her incredible example of how to go first. I am thankful for El Nino and the warm winters with little snow that this brings to Michigan, and I pray for forgiveness from those who have more difficult weather because of it. Turn around is fair play! From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank the officials in New York who have declared that fracking is unacceptable in their state. May their uncommon common sense be noticed and copied everywhere. I send deep gratitude to those who take to the streets to protest things like pipelines, Wall Street, wars, and other stupidities perpetrated by politicians. By their actions, these brave souls let the rest of us know that our secret thoughts and attitudes are shared by many and that we are not alone. I am thankful for Mother Earth. So thankful that I have no words…only tears of joy that make it difficult to see the keyboard and computer screen. I am trying to be thankful for the Cabal and their corruption. They have made it clear that we have to choose, we cannot just drift irresponsibly forward in a half-conscious state. I send warm thanks to the birds who woke me with song every morning over the summer. How I miss you in these cold, dark days.