June 12, 2016

Home Again

I have returned home from my trip to California and the Contact In The Desert conference. It was quite an experience! Patty Greer made a documentary called The Crop Circle Diaries that featured herself and myself in a wonderfully engaging format that moved back and forth as she talked about her experiences in over 100 crop circles and I talked about my work with Dr. Wm. Levengood. Levengood was the scientist who studied plants, seeds, and soils from crop circles and made some astonishing discoveries. People raved about the movie, I got to be a star for a day, and like I said, it was quite the experience! If you'd like to order the movie, go to Patty's website - www.pattygreer.net. Of course, if you'd like to read about my work with Levengood, it's in Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 2.