August 12, 2013

Marginalizing the Cabal

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I was reading some financial reports from investment managers and listening to the news, and then feeling generally worried about what was brewing in the world. My mind was flitting here and there, thinking about the hidden people who were running our government, controlling our news and our money, and who seem bent on causing suffering, pain, and death while also destroying our constitution. After a few moments of this, I began to reflect on my own work, “If only I could get people to awaken, to shift their consciousness, and develop a bit of power, I might be able to teach them to see what is happening around them…to develop some insight…some wisdom…” The feeling that came with this was of a need to hurry, to reach more people. I thought about the past 30-some years of effort to teach people about the mind, about how consciousness works, and how mind and consciousness create the body and physical reality. I thought about the New Age movement and how it had been ridiculed, laughed at, and marginalized. Suddenly there was an explosion of awareness in my mind! It was a shift to the awareness of millions of people who were quietly awake and watching the goings-on in the world, and the few thousand – perhaps only a few hundred – who were putting out a barrage of fear-inducing news from their bully-pulpit. Those few were the marginal ones! They were hoping against hope and betting with all their petty might that the vast majority would never see through the smoke they were producing! They were praying the majority would never recognize their own power or realize who was marginal and who really had all the numbers and the power. The cabal is marginal, not us!! A saying or quote I have read from time to time, said by Mayer Rothschild, goes something like this, “Give me control of a country’s money supply and I care not who runs the government.” But I say, “Give me control over consciousness and I care not who runs the money system.”