June 01, 2013

Monsanto and Law - #1

It irritates me to the core that our courts have become Mickey Mouse systems for enforcing personal whims and greed. Many informed people already see that we have lost our food system as a support for life, our medical system as a support for healing, our financial system as a way of trading with one another, and our educational system as a way of developing and evolving civilization. But few have realized the implications of losing our legal system. When people wake up to the fact that the legal system is being used to make and enforce personal whims in the form of new rules - not law - there is going to be trouble. After all, who is to say that your arbitrary rules should govern me? I might be willing to follow your rules if they were good for me, but what about when they're not? The protection afforded by a system of laws designed to keep order among men and women is a wonderful thing. But a system of willy-nilly rules based in greed and control is a disaster. When people start to realize that those who are supposed to be governing our country are really just making up rules to suit themselves, the people are going to do the same thing! When that happens, all bets are off!