June 12, 2013

NWO and The Chemistry of Consciousness

The question is not whether you are for or against the New World Order, the question is: Can you change your consciousness at will? All shifts of consciousness require some difficulty and discomfort at first. Why? Because a change of consciousness requires a change of inner chemistry. It is important to understand that every feeling is the result of certain chemicals and hormones.  Your feelings are the result of distinct chemical/hormonal states within the body. If you cannot produce a wide variety of chemicals/hormones, you will not be able to feel a wide variety of feelings. This might include an inability to relax, feel joy, experience humor, or even to feel frustration, pain, sorrow, or sadness. Without certain chemicals, you would be unable to be sympathetic or empathetic about what others are feeling. If you have an inability to feel certain things, we would label you emotionally disabled. It is similar to the label learning disabled, but a learning disability is based on an inability to focus and perceive, while emotional disability is based on an inability to feel. You need to produce the right chemicals to do either – perceive or feel. Next, it is important to understand that the body is a creature of habit. This includes habitual chemical responses to certain things:  for example, the idea of the Muslim religion, images such as KKK or a burning cross, words like "You’re so stupid!", actions as in a slap, or cheating in a relationship, people such as foreigners or people of color, or situations taking an exam or being caught in a lie. The programming for these habitual chemical responses and the feelings they engender begins right from birth, actually before birth. When you want to change your consciousness, you have to change your feelings, which means you have to be able to produce a different set of chemicals within the body. In your early efforts to make a shift of consciousness, you will still be producing chemicals – and therefore feeling states – automatically. Your habitual chemical responses are dumped into your system quickly. Any deliberate effort to change your consciousness results in a second set of chemicals also being dumped in on top of those that were automatically produced. The result is a very uncomfortable feeling, almost a ‘sick’ feeling. Trying to get the body/mind system to shift to a perspective or attitude that is significantly different from your usual point of view can cause nausea, diarrhea, headaches, stomach aches, heart pain, difficulty breathing, or various other symptoms of being unwell. That’s because you have competing chemicals in your system that sometimes react between and among themselves. Sometimes the effort to make a change in how you think or feel requires an almost super-human effort. That’s because the effect of your own chemicals on you is powerful! The result is that many people avoid dealing with changes of consciousness altogether. To make it easier,  you have to get to the core of why you think what you think or respond the way you do. You have to examine the root decisions that are at the base of your way of seeing the world. We make these decisions by the dozens as we are growing up. We copy parents, friends, take note of enemies and acquaintances, and constantly refine our decisions based on experiences in school or at work. We shift who we are in order to have a lover or a marriage, or to cope with children. These decisions are what trigger the chemical responses that produce the feeling states. To change the chemical habits that are part and parcel of our feelings, attitudes, and consciousness, we must examine ourselves deeply and see if the original decisions we made about the world are still the right ones...or the best ones for us. To live an unexamined life is to remain at the mercy of a low and immature level of consciousness. It is to forfeit our power and our wisdom. This power and wisdom are exactly what is needed to roll with any kind of change coming at us. The thing I worry about is that if we do not make an effort to change consciousness before we get to a crisis, we may end up with a whole population of people who feel nauseous or have diarrhea right when we need full consciousness and high energy to act. It's difficult to see what's happening and make good choices if you're stuck on the toilet! Practice shifting consciousness now, before we get to any serious crisis.