June 07, 2013

NWO: The Plan - #1

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In early 2007, I traveled to Austin, Texas to attend a private meeting at which there were two speakers. One was an expert in global currencies, the other was an expert on the condition of our planetary environment. They each gave their lecture, and it was stunning how similar the lectures were. Both predicted a ‘perfect storm’ that would serve to change the world. Here is the essence of what they said… “There is a plan in place that is actively being unfolded. The plan is to bring down the United States. But this cannot be done overtly, and it cannot happen as long as the people of the U.S. are at the top of the heap in terms of power, money, and standard of living. So first, there will be a collapse of the money system. The goal is to lower the U.S. standard of living until it is at about the same level as that of Mexico. This collapse will eventually occur in Canada as well, but let’s stay focused on America. Once the money system has collapsed, there will be a long period of pretending to work on the economy, but this will eventually be followed by the introduction of a new money system. The long-term goal is that this new money will be used by everyone in the Americas – North, Central, and South America. “At the same time the financial system is being tinkered with, there will be an ongoing rise in the cost of food, water, and energy, and shortages of these commodities will begin here and there. The rising cost of oil will coax more and more farmers to grow corn to be used for fuel. This will be a mistake. The amount of corn grown on one acre of land would feed a family of four for one year. If it is used to make fuel instead, that one acre of corn will produce one gallon of fuel, and it will take four gallons of clean, fresh water to produce that single gallon of fuel. The more acreage devoted to corn, the less acreage there will be for crops that people eat. Since the topsoil around the world is dwindling, this is a critical factor. People will begin to starve. And the more water is used for fuel, the less there will be for people, plants, and animals. Since the climate is getting warmer, this is another mistake. “While all of this is going on in the U.S., there will be efforts to collapse the Euro and the European standard of living. At the same time, there will be efforts to gain control of Africa and her resources in order to raise the standards of living there. Similarly, there will be efforts to bring China and India up a little, until the standard of living around the world is the same everywhere. “The overarching goal is to create three major financial zones – the Amero in North, Central, and South America, the Euro in Europe and Africa, and the Yuan in China and Australia. Once these three financial zones are in place, and the standard of living is similar everywhere, this will be the perfect setup for a 3-way competition in which ongoing wars can be foisted upon the population. At least two of the zones can be at war over one thing or another at all times. ‘Natural’ disasters can occur which will keep everyone busy, but the real efforts will be around fomenting religious outrage between Muslims, Christians, Jews, and various other sects. It is easy to use religion to keep people apart and willing to fight each other. “The plan is to trigger the first financial collapse in 1 to 1 ½ years. Problems in Africa will begin immediately, and difficulties in Europe will begin shortly after that. Efforts to divide people along religious lines will be ongoing and obvious to those who are watching. Eventually, all people of the Americas will band together as one in defense against those from the Euro-zone or that of the Yuan. As far as I can see, the unfolding of the plan is happening exactly as it was outlined at the 2007 meeting.