September 29, 2012

When Does Peace Begin?

September 29, 2012 When does peace begin? Who will stand up and speak for thoughtful, gentle, mature relations between nations? When do we stop allowing greedy, paranoid leaders to project their fears into the middle of our world? Benjamin Netanyahu went to great pains a few days ago to stir up trouble between Israel and Iran. Most of what he said about the Iranian nuclear efforts has been contradicted by those who monitor such things. Netanyahu’s information was inaccurate and designed to generate fear. It reminded me of the talk about Saddam Hussein a few years ago and the insistence that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, thus the need to invade them and take over. Are we going to fall for that again? There may be evidence that radical Islam would like to end the modern world. There may be evidence that radical Islam would like to take over the world. However, these reports come from the same flawed leaders that are responsible for the spread of troublesome attitudes among nations. Obviously, there is clear evidence that radical Islam is repressive to women and girls. But the questions that higher consciousness asks are, “What is the real reason that Iran has been targeted? What is the big picture of what is happening in Northern Africa? Is there some way to create a bridge of understanding between us and those in Iran?” Clearly, if nations produce nothing but greed, war, and deprivation, then the days of nations will soon come to an end. Indeed, nations around the world are having great difficulty holding things together these days. We might have been naïve enough to follow bad leaders in the past, but we are moving past that naïveté now and it appears that nations are falling apart everywhere around the world. The only questions are “How many people will they take with them as they go down?” and “What sort of structure will replace them?”